Dave Brubeck tops Pittsfield CityJazz Festival bill

Jazz in Schools visits Hancock Elementary School

Here is a video clip, made by Jenn Smith of the Berkshire Eagle, from our Jazz in Schools program, part of the Pittsfield CityJazz Festival, showing the Sister City Jazz Ambassadors playing at Hancock Elementary School in Hancock, MA (featuring Charlie Tokarz, sax and clarinet; Andy Kelly, guitar):

Dave Brubeck and Berkshires Jazz Youth Ensemble

Dave Brubeck and Berkshires Jazz Youth EnsembleFirst report of the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s 2009 Pittsfield CityJazz Festival performance with the Berkshires Jazz Youth Ensemble at the sold-out Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield has been posted at BerkshireLinks.com. It includes a three and a half minute video clip that segues from the afternoon rehearsal to the evening performance with Mr. Brubeck sharing the piano with Pittsfield HS student Samuel Landes.

Following, is more video from rehearsal, including final preparations for Mr. Brubeck’s transition with PHS student Sam Landes, and interactions with Art Neideck, Ron Lively, and Ed Bride. And there’s another video clip from the concert that can be seen here on YouTube.

video: royal hartigan blood drum spirit

royal hartigan blood drum spirit open 2009 Pittsfield CityJazz Festival2009 festival is underway…
See a video montage at BerkshireLinks.com from the opening performance of the festival, royal hartigan and blood drum spirit. More video will be posted here soon.