Zoom Tunes- May 29, 2022 virtual jam session

Zoom Tunes- May 29, 2022 virtual jam session


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Zoom Tunes- May 29, 2022 virtual jam session

Presented by the Vermont Jazz Center

7-8:30 pm

Welcome to a new year of Zoom Tunes. It seems so strange that we are entering 2022 with so few occasions to play live music in safe environments.

Zoom Tunes continues to provide an opportunity to learn new tunes and maintain relationships with musician-friends in a supportive atmosphere.

The Zoom Tune for May 29, 2022 is ‘Barbados’.

BARBADOS – 5/29/22 (lead sheets & backing tracks)

ON-LINE; $15 per session

We have three hosts – Malik McLaurine, Ben Barnett and Franz Robert. Eugene and Ginger will also be present.

Beforehand – try playing the tune of the month along with the backing track mp3 found on the VJC’s website. You can use any other backing track you like, including iReal Pro or you can play the tune solo.

On the last Sunday of each month
from 7:00 – 8:30 pm EST

Malik, Ben and Franz will be online to listen with other VJC community members to everyone’s version. Be sure to have your backing track cued up and ready to go.
Each person will play the melody and then launch into their solo improvisation. After you have finished your improv, play the melody once more to complete your session.

Malik, Franz, and Ben will guide us in a short conversation about your interpretation of the tune. Community participation in this process is encouraged. Focus topics could include positive comments about the performance as well as suggestions regarding style, improvisational options and helpful tips.

Please join us by sharing your music with our online community!